Affordable Turkey Travel Insurance: Compare and Save Today!

Affordable Turkey Travel Insurance: Compare and Save Today

A leisurely masterpiece, Longley's 'Turkey' is a firm favorite with Brits looking for cheap sun, sand and more. Holiday at the sea. With 4,500 miles of stunning coastline, superb resorts in Bodrum, enchanting old towns of Istanbul and Ankara, Turkey attracts over 3 million Britons every year. Before heading out to an ideal holiday destination in Turkey, you should inquire about travel insurance for Turkey. 

Do you need a visa for Turkey? 

From 2 March 2020 British travelers will no longer need a visa to enter Turkey, but for up to 90 days in any 180 day period. 

Is Turkey part of Europe? 

Turkey is a transcontinental country that includes both Asia and Asia. Europe. Turkey is currently a "candidate country" for EU membership. Though Turkey's rich history is rooted in Asian culture, European incursions have blurred cultural boundaries. 

What do you need Turkish insurance when travelling?

We're not saying it's mandatory, but it would be a smart move. Travel insurance in Turkey is extremely important as the GHIC/TEAM card is not enough. You are not entitled to free medical care. Abroad. Treatment can be expensive. Turkey is no exception.Traveling without insurance can lead to high bills in the event of illness or accident. Although the crime rate in Turkey is low, one should definitely watch out for pickpockets or thefts in the main tourist areas of Istanbul. Avoid ruining your trip by getting insurance for your personal belongings. Before making your choice, be sure to check your travel insurance for Turkey, which also covers ambulance and direct flights home. 

Key facts about choosing travel insurance for Turkey

  • It's not all about finding cheap travel insurance for Turkey, you also need to tailor the protection to your situation.
  • Turkey is important for discovering sports such as rafting, sea kayaking, diving and even skiing. Turkey also has 22 Blue Flag locations; Make sure your travel insurance covers any work you do. 
  • You can choose between insurance supplements such as extreme sports travel insurance, water sports travel insurance or winter sports travel insurance. 
  • Before you leave, find out about the Turkish government's recommendations on traveling abroad. Although traveling to Turkey involves some risks, you should be aware of the exclusions in your policy.There can be terrorist attacks. Therefore, check that your policy offers comprehensive terrorism protection as your policy may vary. 
  • When choosing cheap travel insurance for Turkey, consider all the basics such as: insurance for expensive devices like a tablet or laptop, baggage allowance and cancellation limits. 

When you contact us regarding your travel insurance, Turkey will show you an overview of each policy and also provide you with a link to view the details of the full insurance documents.

What should it contain? 

Holidays in Türkiye are meant to be fun and enjoyable. moment of relaxation; For your peace of mind, consider our insurance: 

  • Health Insurance: Just a few tens of thousands of euros will cover all your medical expenses. it must surprise you. 
  • Stolen, Lost or Damaged Luggage: Be careful even though the crime rate in Turkey is low. 
  • Lost Passports: Your passports may be lost in similar cases. So take good care of them. 

However, petty street crime such as pickpocketing and theft is more common in popular tourist destinations, so be vigilant.

  • Delays or cancellations: If your trip is delayed, canceled or shortened, you may be able to pay part of the cost. 
  • Repatriation: If you require special travel arrangements due to medical needs or airline issues, these costs will be covered. 

What is not covered? 

Although your insurance covers many types of claims, there are some exceptions to your policy for travel to Turkey. Here are some things to check on your policy: 

  • Previous Stage of Illness: If you have pre-existing conditions you will have to pay higher premiums.
  • Accidents or injuries in high-risk activities: Turkey offers great opportunities for adventure activities such as mountain biking, rock climbing and caving in its mountain ranges. Surfing, parasailing and paddle boarding are also popular here. 
Therefore, to enjoy an adventurous vacation, you should pay special attention to the extra protection and insurance you need. 

  • Alcohol Abuse: You may enjoy a drink while on holiday, but alcohol-related incidents are not covered. 
  • Travel to Avoidable Areas: If your policy covers an avoidable area due to a terrorist threat or an epidemic, you must comply. 

But you can eat turkey, no problem.This is why you need to check for the latest travel updates. 

  • Force Majeure: This option relates to natural disasters. Turkey is at risk of earthquakes. Therefore, find out about safety measures and give advice on the spot. 

Another suggestion & Secret for Travel Turkey

Below you will find help for your trip:  

  • Language: Kurdish & amp; Like many other dialects, Turkish is widely spoken. Somewhere you can even say it in English.
  • Coins: Turkish Lira (TL). discovered & Credit cards are used in almost all tourist areas, there are many ATMs here. 
  • Vaccinations: Consult your doctor at least a month before traveling to Turkey to make sure you are 100% well. Your doctor may recommend vaccinations for hepatitis B, hepatitis A, and tetanus, which are usually free. 
  • Dress Code: Dress modestly and appropriately. or respectively when you go to places of worship or places of worship.
  • ID: You may not know that photo ID is a legal requirement in Turkey. Please bring a copy of your visa and visa with you. Passport always with you. 
  • Tips: In Turkey, tipping is appreciated in restaurants (nearly 10-15% of the bill), 3% expect the room price from the hotel porter. Taxi drivers are also happy to accept all fares here.
  • Conversational signs: nodding means no, surprisingly it also means yes. If you nod and raise your eyebrows, say no. To say “yes” again, simply nod your head forward and down. Stop shaking your head to say “I don't understand” and nod or shake your head now to say “I understand”. 
  • Dancing without music: If you like dancing without music, “Kilic Kalkan” is for you; also called Sword and Shield Dance of Bursa.No music. 
  • Tulips: Tulips come from Turkey, not from the Netherlands. There they were first cultivated commercially. The term "tulip" is derived from the Persian "delband" and the Turkish "tulbend." 

We wish you a safe and relaxing holiday.Do not attempt to travel against European FCDO or government travel advice. We will not cover your claim. Stay up to date with the details of our travel and security policies. Get the right request when you need it.

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